Updating your website

You need to update your website:

  • when there’s something new to say – like a new product, event, customer, a client reference, staff member or legal changes
  • to support a marketing, recruitment or seasonal campaign
  • regularly – to keep your audience (potential clients, members, partners, etc) interested and coming back
  • when your product or service is seasonal – menus, holidays, festivals etc.
  • to avoid the turn-off of out-of-date information
  • because search engines like Google give more weight to regularly updated web sites

So – once you have your shiny new web site up and running you need to allocate resources and time to updating your site.

If you are good with words and pictures and a keyboard you could do this yourself using a content management system. But if you haven’t the time, the skills or the inclination you need to get professional help to do your web editorial. Don’t underestimate what’s involved. I’ve written a summary of what’s involved on my support page >>

You can also use a blog to update your site – and this is good for general information and stories – case studies and so on – but not so good for your main web site where style, consistency and accuracy are really important. Have a link to your blog under the news section. 


You can easily update your website using a feed from your Twitter timeline

See my News page >>

This helps keep your site current and you only need to update in one place.

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