Show off your skills!

I’ve noticed that the greatest number of visits on my website is to the “my clients” page. People always want to see what you’ve done for other customers and a portfolio or testimonials section is possibly the most important content for your website. Showing off your skills and previous projects often sells more than any amount of marketing hype.

Last year I designed and published a web site for a local artisan David Nash who works under the banner Ancient and Modern Furniture Restoration and Reproduction in Ashby. You can see the site at

This is a site designed to show off Dave Nash’s skills and has a gallery section which shows the “before and after” of the restoration projects and some of the stages in between. It is a good example of presenting your skills and also your enthusiasm for your business. Nothing sells more than enthusiasm!

Another client ColourworksUK has a great testimonials page.

It is a good idea to ask permission to use your clients in your publicity. If they liked your work they are usually delighted to oblige. But don’t ask them to write a piece - listen to what they say, put that on paper (or email) and ask them to OK it. If you can’t name names then write something like “We did a complete make-over project for a small shoe store chain in the Midlands” and go into as much detail as you like about the project without identifying the client.


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