Questions I will ask you before designing your website

Before starting work on the design of your website I need to know as much as possible about your business and what you are trying to achieve. A website is a key piece of your marketing strategy and needs to reflect your business style and include all the necessary components to make your new website work for you.

So I will ask you a lot of questions. I’ll need to know:

  • Your business or brand name
  • Your logo, corporate colour and design style
  • Suitable domain name (do you already have one that needs transferring?)
  • Reason for the new website or redesigning the current one
  • Any specific campaign or project for which the site is being created
  • Target audience, geographically, culturally (there may be several groups - e.g. trade, retail, suppliers - who need different sections on the website)
  • Will you be selling or taking orders on the website
  • Who are your competitors
  • Any websites you like or dislike (and why)
  • Business and contact details
  • What the content will be like, main sections, number of pages
  • Site content. Doesn’t have to be complete at the start - you can generate this during the project. I can help with creating copy suitable for the website.
  • Your budget for the website (up front and on-going) and how much time you and your staff are able to spend dealing with website updates and enquiries
  • If you want to use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to promote your business and website or if email marketing is appropriate
  • Project time-scale – any specific dates to be met

and probably a lot more as we go along!  But I want you to have a website that you enjoy and will deliver what your business needs.

Contact Sandra to discuss your website project.


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