Newsletter No 2 - February 2012

Welcome to my second email newsletter on the topic of Making Your Website Work for You. Today a website is much more than an electronic advertisement. It’s a tool that should be used as a central part of your marketing strategy and can also be integrated with your business processes to varying degrees. I hope these newsletters will give you some ideas to make the most from your investment in your website.

Following on from last month’s topic of “Marketing on a shoe-string” this month’s topic is also about saving money and/or resources:

Save money with your website

You’ve already spent some money on having your website designed and built, hosted and supported so it makes sense to use your website to save money or make business easier. Here are some ideas:

  1. Lower the cost of printed flyers, direct mail etc.
    You don’t need to include as much information and so you can reduce the number or size of pages. You can also flag “See our website for this month’s specials!” so your flyers don’t go out of date.
  2. Answer questions on your website with a “Frequently Asked Questions” page or a forum where enquirers can ask about your product or service. Save the answers you give to genuine enquiries to build a FAQ page. This saves on phone or email enquiries, helps filter out visitors who have a need you can’t meet and also provides useful text which search engines like Google and Bing use to rank your site for the keywords that describe your product or service. If you have a forum or blog with comments – don’t forget to monitor replies and give a rapid response.
  3. Include downloadable brochures, specifications and How-to’s on your website and save on printing and postage mailing out printed material. It’s easy to turn documents you have produced on your PC into pdf’s (Portable Data Format). PDF is a format designed to display and print consistently on any device. Microsoft Word and Open Office have PDF output as standard now. If you are having a glossy brochure created your graphics designer should be able to provide you with a PDF version to add to your website (ask for a slightly lower-resolution format so the download file isn’t too big).
  4. Keep your newsletters brief. When you send an email newsletter or mailshot you can keep your message brief with links to further information on your website. You don’t need to worry about sending large attachments and you can use your usual email program or Word to send out your email campaigns from your PC.
  5. Get clients to do their data entry. If you are hosting events you can include a form for clients to enter their details and take payments on-line. You can send an automatic confirmation email, with directions, joining instructions and a ticket, and have the system print out attendee lists and badges. You’ll need a bit of programming done for your website to make this happen seamlessly (speak to your web person) or you can link to a system like Eventbrite that may suit your needs for event ticket management.


Hope these ideas are useful. Give me a call or email if you've any questions or if I can help in any way.

Best wishes and make your website work for you!

Sandra Dillon

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