Fiona Atkinson07/12/2016

Fiona Atkinson is a Freelance Dyslexia & SpLD Specialist Tutor. She provides one-to-one, highly personalised tuition to post-16 and adult students who have disability, dyslexia or other problems which prevent them from attaining their full potential. She needed a simple, easily-read website to address students, universities and needs-assessors. Naturally it needed to be available on mobiles, tablets as well as desk-tops.




T A Hardwick website on a mobile phoneThis week the website for T A Hardwick Limited went live. Tom Hardwick is MD of a small construction and joinery company based in the East Midlands. The site includes descriptions and photos of the various services they provide. it also contains “share“ buttons to make it easy for viewers to share a page they like with their friends or colleagues via Facebook, Twitter or email. Reflecting the way we all use the web now, the website was built to be “responsive” - i.e. it looks good and is readable on all sizes of devices from a mobile phone to a tablet to a desk-top.


Consider images and photos on your website. A lot of things have changes since I wrote a newsletter item about images for websites in 2012 - 4 years ago! Screens on lap-tops and desk-tops can be huge, but lots of people choose to do most of their browsing on tablets or smart phones with much smaller screens. You need to take this into consideration when selecting photos and images for your site. In particular bear size and shape of the image when you are taking photos. Read the updated article >>


This morning I posted an article about rural broadband and potential problems with patchy coverage. This was prompted by research from ThinkbroadbandRead my blog (which contains a link to Thinkbroadband’s article >>


Walter Moss & Son LtdToday the website for Walter Moss & Son Ltd went live. Walter Moss are a family building and maintenance contractors based in Coalville, Leicestershire, who provide high-quality and stylish building, renovations and decoration,  including installation of kitchens and bathrooms. The site includes a portfolio section with photos of some of their recent projects. However, it’s not always easy to acquire good quality photos of client projects (and some clients don’t want their house displayed on the web however happy they are with the result). So for the sliders on the home page I used some commercially purchased stock images of the kind of work that Walter Moss do.  The website is fully responsive for viewing on different size screens and mobiles. Take a look >>


Ruth Jones, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, who runs The Riverside Practice in Gillingham Kent.

Psychotherapy is a difficult service to describe and promote because the delivered service is very personal for each client. So it’s usually best to promote the therapist and how they are able understand, and help resolve, the issues facing potential clients. In a lot of ways it’s the same with any consultancy or service. The “product” is actually the consultant, their knowledge, experience and personality. The site uses images, some static and others sliders, to create a mood of calm, caring and problem solving.

This week I updated Ruth’s website with her latest experience and her review of a book by one of her professional colleagues.

See Ruth’s website >>


The clocks go back this weekend and already looking forward to Christmas. Time to check that you have Christmas holiday news on your website - seasonal products, offers, events, opening times over the holiday period.  Also make sure you have someone to man the email responses over what can be quite an extended holiday period. (See responding to web enquiries newsletter - old but still relevant.)


West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy09/10/2015

Completely redesigned the website for The West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy to give it a much more modern and friendly feel.

One of the issues with a website for a professional organisation is to address several different audiences: -

  • potential member psychotherapists and counsellors
  • people wanting to train as psychotherapists
  • people looking for information about psychotherapy and / or wanting to locate a therapist near them
  • health workers, support organisations wanting assistance
  • organisation members.

The site needs to clearly show links to sections catering for different needs and to use language which is appropriate to the different audiences.


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