My background is in information systems and sales and marketing and my approach to web design reflects this.

Your website is the keystone of your business and marketing strategy. It should send the right message to the people you want to engage - existing clients, new prospects, members, employees, the press - and it needs to be found - and used - by those people. Good web design, copy, web marketing and search engine optimisation are vital elements in achieving your goals.

When developing your site we take into account your overall objectives. Usually this includes your site being found on internet search by prospective clients, members, suppliers, etc. So we build into the site features which will help search engines and real people find your site.

To generate traffic to your site we will optimise your site for search engines, publicise your site on the internet directories, establish links with portal sites, search engines, industry groups, etc., monitor the number and type of visitors and establish mechanisms to create more traffic of the right kind.  We may also include social media such as blogs, email newsletters, Facebook and YouTube in your marketing plan if these are appropriate to your audience.

The objective is not just to generate lots of hits. It is much more important that the visitors to your site are potential clients and do what you want them to do when they get there. So the message on your site should be clear and the site structure and navigation make it easy for your visitors to find what they want.

We use various statistics packages, including Google Analytics, to regularly assess the number of visitors and their behaviour on your site. You can find out more about terms like bounce rate, referrals, unique visitors at

There’s a lot of marketing that you can do yourself, for example, listing your site on trade and local directories, using your web address on stationery, signage and product packaging. But if you need extra marketing or a more formal campaign I can provide that for you.

Call or email me for more information or to discuss marketing your business and your website.

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