Doing business on-line

e-business is a lot more than on-line selling (e-commerce).

The internet can be used to facilitate almost every aspect of business life:

  • Project collaboration
  • Market research
  • Staff communications
  • Public relations
  • Lobbying
  • Multi-site manufacturing
  • Customer communications
  • and more.

With today's technology messages, documents, video shots, whole project folders can be delivered to the other side of the world in seconds and can be worked on simultaneously by multi-locational collaborative teams.

On-line business using a combination of interactive websites, blogs, applications and email can help grow new market sectors and keep your existing customers happy with high service levels.

However, to be successful it is important that your in-house systems and staff are set up to cope. Some managers fear that if they advertise with a web site they would not be able to cope with the increased enquiries and that could jeopardise existing business. Others think that an e-commerce site will somehow manage itself and bring in new business without any additional effort.

These attitudes are symptomatic of out-of date or poorly implemented systems. When considering setting up a website businesses should also consider their in-house systems and networks. The main issues are:

  • Having an up-to-date accurate product list, with part numbers and photos where relevant, which can be used to drive the e-commerce site.
  • Integrated on-
  • Avoiding keying in information more than once
  • Making the system do work wherever possible
  • Keeping secure back-ups of valuable client details and transactions
  • Doing things from the desk (faxing, emailing, conferencing, internet)
  • Having fast access to accurate company information and customer
  • Keeping in touch with your business and customers whether you are in the office, at home or on the road.

To achieve this you need a reliable solid network with integrated communications and business applications in addition to an on-line web site, and you need adequate trained staff.


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