Clients & projects

I’ve designed and continue to manage websites for many clients for more than 15 years. I provide website design, support, webmaster services, search engine optimisation, marketing and content management for clients which include small businesses, psychotherapy organisations and local communities.

These are some of my current clients:


  • Coleorton Parish - Active parish council and local community site. A newsletter, facilitated by Mailchimp, goes out every month to about 120 local people.
  • Coleorton Heritage Group - Local group researching and documenting local history and heritage and making it available to the public.


Small / medium businesses:

Counselling & psychotherapy practices:

  • Ruth Jones, Psychotherapist - The Riverside Practice, Gillingham, Kent. Psychotherapist and Counselling practice based in Kent. Including on-line purchase of her book “Foreshoring the Unconscious: Living Psychoanalytic Practice” using PayPal.
  • Zen Kyle - Counselling and psychotherapy services in Edgbaston, Birmingham & Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Zen’s new website is simple, to the point and is responsive, so can be viewed on any device.
  • Kym Winter - Psychotherapy, counselling and consulting in St Albans, Herts
  • Different Perspective Counselling - psychotherapy and counselling in Preston, Lancashire
  • Helen Flanagan, Psychotherapy in Solihull - Psychotherapy practice in Solihull, West Midlands


Coleorton Heritage Group
West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy
Ancient & Modern Furniture Restoration & Bespoke Furniture Making


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