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Realcom is me - Sandra Dillon. I set up Realcom in 1996 to explore the new and exciting opportunity the Internet offered for information-publishing, marketing and sales. I initially worked collaboratively with a group of similarly-minded consultants and marketing professionals.

I’d been working with on-line information systems since the days of Prestel and Viewdata - forerunners of the Internet running over dial-up modems and television - and then spent many years working in sales and marketing for IT and comms companies and later as an independent marketing consultant. This was right at the time that the internet started to become a reality and I saw the potential for small businesses and organisations to stretch their marketing budgets.

As Realcom I do website design, development and marketing, site updates and support. If you ask me about how to make the most of your website or get lots of visitors to your site you better have a pot of coffee ready and a couple of hours!

I use a variety of professional tools which enable me to implement a website quickly and manage growing and dynamic sites. New information or site sections and updates can be added quickly and easily and you can also have areas which you can update yourself with a Content Management System. I’ll also help you with social media, forums and blogs.

If we need programming or database development to achieve what you need from your site I can call on specialists to join the team.

Have a look at some of the sites I have designed and support for clients >>


Sandra Dillon

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If you are considering a website for your business or organisation or would like professional help with an existing project please email me at sandra@realcom.co.uk or call on 01530 440000

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